Friday, 26 May 2017

Ascension of the Lord /A - 28th May 2017
(World Communications Day)

SATURDAY           27th May
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Andy Potter (Recently Deceased)
           Matt Kelly (Recently Deceased)


Ascension of the Lord

SUNDAY               28th May
10.30  Brendan O'Sullivan (In Memory)
1.00    Catherine Bermingham (Anniversary)
6.00    Christy Hackett (Special Intention)
           M.S.C. Intention


MONDAY             29th May
9.30  Arthur Earle (Recently Deceased)
 TUESDAY           30th May
9.30   John McHugh (Recently Deceased)
WEDNESDAY      31stMay
9.30    Kevin Belton (Special Intention)
THURSDAY       1st June
9.30   Matt Kelly (Recently Deceased)
FRIDAY              2nd June
9.30   Special Intention
          M.S.C. Intention

SATURDAY        3rd June
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Catherine Corcoran (Special Intention)

SUNDAY            4th June
10.30    David Olasak & Family (Special Intention)
1.00      Junior & Leaving Certificate & All Exam Students
6.00      Special Intention


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
            Office with details on 091 762883.     


Advance News from Fr. Kevin!  The changes in the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart appointments take place on the 15th August and this time, after seven happy years in the parish I am included on the list of changes. 
I will be finishing in the parish on that date and will be replaced by another Missionary of the Sacred Heart.  I will continue to serve a parish and a people who are very special to me until the 15th August.   
Rather than you hearing it through the grape vine, I thought it best to let people hear it from myself. 

I have been appointed, Parish Priest to two Cork Parishes, St. Mary’s, Leap & St. Fachtna’s, Glandore .



Thursday,15th June to Friday 23rd June

9.30am & 7.30pm daily (Sat & Sun different)

Themes & Intentions for each day.
The Novena consists of Mass, Talks, Prayers and Private Time and will be led by Missionaries of the Sacred Heart from the Croí Nua Spirituality Centre, Galway. 
We look forward to meeting you and sharing this Novena with you. 


ROSARY at Castlelawn Heights
Weather permitting the rosary will be prayed at the Cemetery on Mon. 29th May, 7.30pm.  
Come and Join us.


Annual Cemetery Mass &
Blessing of Graves

Castlelawn Cemetery

Sunday 11th June at 3pm.

The Alzheimer Café is a safe and relaxed place where people with dementia, their families and health care professionals can come together to talk, share and learn.
The Alzheimer Café is a free monthly gathering and anyone affected by dementia is welcome to attend. 
This month Helplink South will give a talk on personal alarms and security followed by a performance from the Medtronic Chorale. 

Venue:  Menlo Park Hotel Thursday 1st June 2pm – 4pm.  
Contact: Maureen Mannion - 086 8211540, further info.


Community Catering Meals on Wheels are currently delivering in your area. 
If you would like to avail of the service or find out more, Please Call; 091 700800.  menu options, good value, short or long term- you choose.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sixth Sunday of Easter /A - 20th May 2017

SATURDAY           20th May
11.00     Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30       Thomas & Ellen McCann (Anniversaries) 

SUNDAY               21st May

10.30  Andrew Potter (Recently Deceased)
1.00    Maureen Keane (Anniversary)
6.00    Sr. Geraldine (Recently Deceased)


MONDAY             22nd May
9.30  Rosa Zumbakiene (Recently Deceased)
 TUESDAY          23rd May
9.30   Matt Kelly (Recently Deceased)
WEDNESDAY      24th May
9.30    Pat Francis (Special Intention)
THURSDAY       25th May
9.30   Special Intention
FRIDAY              26th May
9.30   Nancy Coen (Recently Deceased)
          M.S.C. Intention

SATURDAY        27th May
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Andy Potter (Recently Deceased)
           Matt Kelly (Recently Deceased)

SUNDAY            28th May
10.30    Brendan O'Sullivan (In Memory)
1.00      Catherine Bermingham (Anniversary)
6.00      Christy Hackett (Special Intention)
             M.S.C. Intention


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
            Office with details on 091 762883.     


       Lord, thank you that you are              
with me right now,
Your love surpasses all fear,
I give you the anxiety I feel,
I surrender all my worries to you,
Clear my mind , Calm my heart,
Still my Spirit, Relax my being,
   That I may always glorify you
  In everything I write, speak and do.
Church of the Resurrection, Headford Road, Ballinfoyle

June 15th - June 23rd 
Themes & Intentions for each day

Two Sessions daily : 9.30am & 7.30pm


Thursday 15th   Opening of Novena - The heart of Christ is a symbol of love & compassion.
                           How can we rediscover and allow the love of God to touch out hearts and to 
                           become compassionate like Jesus Christ.             

Friday 16h          Christ saw with a compassionate heart.  How can we see the goodness
                            in ourselves and others. (Bringing our petitions & praying for success in exams) 

Saturday 17th     Mary our Mother - an example and challenge to us to see how the great tradition   
                            of  praying the Rosary can enable us to rediscover these mysteries in our lives.

Sunday 18th        10.30am / 1.00pm - Feast of Corpus Christi.  How does Jesus talk to us in the        
                            circumstances of our everyday lives?

6.00pm 18th        Special Mass for Youth - led by Declan Browne Youth Retreat Facilitator.    

Monday 19th       Remembering and celebrating our dead.   When we profess our belief in the 
                             Resurrection, a deep understanding of what is the meaning of death and     
                             resurrection in our Christian faith?  
                             With Candlelight remembrance of our dead at 7.30pm                      

Tuesday 20th        Day of Forgiveness.  What is the meaning of ourselves to forgive?  It’s not easy to
                             forgive but it is essential for our own wellbeing.  Receiving and accepting God’s
                             forgiveness enables us to let go of our past mistakes and failures & live with joy.     

Wednesday 21st  To discover that God is present in all the joys, sorrows and struggles of family life
                             and to enable that presence to be source of energy, love, peace and joy.    
                             Facilitator: Eileen Kelly.  (Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament - 10am to 7pm)

Thursday 22nd    Day of Healing with special Healing Mass at 4pm   “I was not cured but I
                             received healing that enabled me to live with my cancer and relate well to my

 Friday 23rd         9.30am & 7.30pm  - Feast Day of the Sacred Heart. 
                             A special fast day to discover the  joy of the Good News, our own identity - that we are God’s children. 


Lithuanian Mass
Friday 26th May, 7.30pm
Church of The Resurrection

Afterwards, 8pm a performance by the United Choir of Lithuania, forty singers from various cities and towns in Lithuania performing an extraordinary programme of Lithuanian music and sharing the rich history of the Lithuanian national costume.  

All are Welcome.  No Charge.


Galway Carers Support Group 
Fundraising Dance in the Menlo Park Hotel,
Friday 26th May. Dancing: 10pm to 12.30am. 
Music: Tommy Flaherty & Francis Fahy.   
Spot Prizes Galore. 
Tickets 8.00 each. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Fifth Sunday Easter/A - 14th May 2017

SATURDAY           13th May
11.00     Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30       Chris Conneally (Recently Deceased)     

SUNDAY               14th May

Fifth Sunday Easter/A

10.30  Patricia Connell (Recently Deceased)
           Jack & Emily O'Toole (Anniversary)

1.00    John Hynes (Anniversary)
6.00    Gregory Hehir (Anniversary)


MONDAY             15th May
9.30  Raymond O'Rourke (Recently Deceased)
 TUESDAY          16th May
9.30   Mrs Galvin (Recently Deceased)
WEDNESDAY      17th May
9.30    Julie Fallon (Birthday Remembrance)
THURSDAY       18th May
9.30   Fr. Gus O'Brien (80th Birthday)
FRIDAY              19th May
9.30   John Finan (Recently Deceased)
          M.S.C. Intention

SATURDAY        20th May
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Thomas & Ellen McCann (Anniversaries)

SUNDAY            21st May
10.30    Andrew Potter (Recently Deceased)
1.00      Maureen Keane (Anniversary)
6.00      Sr. Geraldine (Recently Deceased)


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
            Office with details on 091 762883.